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These are rough draft Bible Studies, Dialogs, and Reflections which are posted here for review and comment.

Acts 17:11 Bible Studies

Second Draft Postings

Spiritual Blindness Hypocrisy: The Cause

Belief Doing God's Work

Consecration When God Decides to Use Us

The Spirit & The Bride A Typological Study of the Holy Spirit

Obedience Do We Really Love Jesus?

Sanctuary The Experience of His Presence

First Draft Postings

Weakness His Strength, Made Perfect

Love Do we "Know What Love is?"
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Just Posted

Is Jesus God, and Why Does This Matter?

The Name of Jesus = Salvation

Evangelism Training Parable

Solid or Fringe Teachings

Simplicity, Sincerity, and Followship

Teacher's Notes on the Prayer Series

Questions and Reflections On Prayer

Positive Thinking and Christianity

On Seasons in Ministry

Good, Evil, Pain, and Pleasure

The Problem with Miracles

Group Suggestions on "What Scripture Means"

Order and Shouting in Public Meetings

Giving as Spiritual Investing

Sensations of the Holy Spirit

Answers to Questions

Dealing With Anger Attacks and the Like

Yes, Some Christians Can Drink

Scriptures on Drunkenness

A Key to Breaking Free of Repetitive Sin

Meditations on Sickness and Healing

Does God Still Heal People?

Waiting for the Miracle of Gospel Change

Ministry Calling and Gifting

The Miracle of Humility

Short Messages and Meditations

Recognizing Jesus on The Water

Rabbinic Nonsense and the Mind of Christ

Concerning Esoteria Like the "Torah Codes" Fad

Revelation Theology: Why all this Bible Emphasis? Reliability of Scripture

Longer Messages and Sermons

We Must Enter Into The Promises

Are the Four Temperaments Spiritually Tainted?

Teaching on The Gift of Discernment

Seated in the Heavenlies Doctrinal Warning

Winning Cities to Christ?

On Marriage and Sexuality

Unconventional Marriage Counseling Index Page

Masturbation: Is it a Sin?

Premarital Sex, Then and Now

Sexual Lust, Marriage, and Idolatry

Marital Prostitution: Bartering for Sex

Can Sex for Married Couples be a Sin?

Roles of Wives and Husbands: A Meditation

Overinvolved Parents vs. God's Definition of Marriage

Advanced Marriage counseling: the Downside of One Flesh

New Postings on Prophecy

Many Will Say, "I Am Anointed"

The Abomination of Desolation

The Mark of The Beast

Lying Signs and Wonders

A Famine of the Word

Fear and the End of the Age

Prophecy and Prophets: How to Test, Confirm

Advice to Prophets in Training

New Answers to Specific Questions

What Does it Mean to Be Double Minded?

Must I Live Something to Teach it?

Repetitive Sin: Slugging Jesus?

The Unpardonable Sin: Why?

Eternal Security versus Apostasy

The Remnant, The Chosen Few

The "Elementary Teachings" Minefield

How Did a "Star" lead the Wise Men?

Our Tribulational Viewpoint

The Soul, Spirit, and Body of Man

Just Posted: Biblical Typology and Meaning

The Lily of the Valley, Us or Him?

The Secret Place

The Meaning of Judah

The Symbolic Use of Horses in Scripture

The Morning Star, Jesus or "Lucifer"?

Considering the Sabbath

Saturday vs. Sunday: a Forbidden Argument

Keeping the Sabbath, a Type of Dying to Self

The Overlooked Part of the Sabbath

New From The Strange File

"I Believe I am the Messiah!"

Only the Moral Will Find Grace!

Learning About Demons From Demons

Won't God Save Everyone?

The Anointing

Readings as Prophecy

Fund Raising Letter Lampoon

New Sacred Cows (1Th 5:21)

Jesus Knocking at The Door of Your Heart

Accepting the Lord as Your Personal Savior

Precept Upon Precept, Wisdom or Drunken Chiding?

"I Believed and So I Spoke!"

SCUBA in the King James Version

Suffering from a Positive Self Image?

How Then Shall we Eat?

Meditations On Faith

The difference between Faith and Trust

Faith, Belief, and Presumption

The Expediency of Faith

On Pleasing God with Faith  

Admonitions, Positions, and Works in Process

Make Believe Spiritual Warfare?

The PKs: Making Distinctions in the Flesh?

Commentary on the Virtuous Woman

A Rejoinder to the Jesus Only Camp

Baptism is not Required for Salvation

Perfection and Realism

Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible

A Pastor Taken in Adultery

An Appeal by Dave Walt to Embrace the Faith

Observations Concerning Christian Living

The Hollow Echoes of Deception

In the World but not Of the World

Shall We Test, or Delude Ourselves?

On Witnessing and Truth

The Motivation Genre. Of the Flesh?

Can Christians be Mystics?

Contextual Church Considerations

The Holy Spirit Synagogues of the First Century

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Election: Leading Captivity Captive

Prayer, Revival, and Sovereignty

Predestination: Has God Fallen Off His Throne

Answers to Objections Concerning Predestination

Is Lamentation Grumbling?

A Lament on Departed Glory

On the Gift of Tongues

Tongues: Pentecost versus Gift

Forbidding to Speak in Tongues?

On Interpretation of Public Tongues

Do All Speak in Tongues?

Praying in the Holy Spirit

Prophecy and the Knowledge of God

Meditations on The Last Trumpet

Typology: Literal or Figurative?

A Primer on Prophecy: True, False, and Flesh Prophets

Flesh Prophets: Copping a Style?

Eschatological Answers by Reggie Kelly

Why the Jew? God's Purpose in Election

A Brief Response to Preterism

Observations on the Way of the Lord

The Hand of The Lord

The Lure of False Doctrine Meditation on the Great Commandment

Deserved vs. Undeserved Suffering

Contentment: Spiritual vs. Carna

Fellowship on the Internet?

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