Dean and Laura VanDruff's Dialogs and Commentary

These are excerpts of emails from Dean & Laura VanDruff on Christian issues, church practice, Biblical doctrine and scripture commentary. Many are challenging in content, and thus it is not advisable to attempt to digest more than a few at one time.

Longer Articles and Teachings

A Living Sacrifice? Why Halfway Christianity Does Not Work
Spiritual Gifts and Self Flagellation Who Chooses What Gifts?
Christians & Conspiracy Theories A Call to Repentance
End Times Communities & Teachings A Framework for Discernment
The New Legalism Is the Old Wine Better?

Church Growth Issues

Can Carnal Churches Grow? You Bet!
God's Program of Church Growth
Hypocrisy in the Church, from Vice to Virtue...

Parables, Position Statements, and Opinions

Premarital Sex: A Sin Against Your Own Body?
The Tithe Conspiracy and Exegesis
Cultic Ideas about Gossip vs. Mat 18
Substance Abuse and Spiritual Life
Turning to The Fathers of Our Faith

Unconventional Marriage Counseling

The Marriage Health-O-Meter
The Human Relations Technology Fad
Cutting Through the Nonsense
Conventional or Nuclear Warfare?
The Fire of Sanctification
The Downside of One-Flesh

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