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Acts 17:11 (NIV) Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

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Repentance Turning From Sin to God
Death to Self The Way of The Cross
Faith Believing the Truth
Forgiveness Experiencing God... Through Obedience

Food For Thought
Discernment "Judge all Things", or "Judge Not"?
Are You a Christian? How to Know for Sure
Hearing God The Way of The Lord
Knowledge "Puff Up", or Should We Seek?

What Does Scripture Say about
The Gospel The Message... Does its Thing
The Full Armor of God Dressed for Spiritual Success
God's Wrath Who Warned You?
Mercy When God Doesn't Give us What We D Deserve

The Gospel Way of Life Through Death
The Light Exposing the Darkness
Conviction The First Work of the Holy Spirit
The Cross Following Christ, Now or Later
The Grace Series The Law, Faith, Good Works, & Power

Christian Living
The Disciplines To Live & Prepare for Life as Jesus Did
The Blood From Self-Worth to God-Worth
The Prayer Series The Lord's Example Prayer and Other Meditations
Servanthood Choosing to Serve vs. Choosing to Be a Servant

Church Issues
Servant Authority Civil, Servant, and Spiritual Authority?
Fellowship God's Public Relations Firm
Spiritual Gift Inventory Discovering Grace Gifts
The Truth Exclusively, With Apologies

Growing In Christ
Theology The Knowledge of God + Skit
The Name Baruch HaShem
The Race Flesh vs Spirit in Motivation
Hope A Clue to the Meaning of Life?

Things to Consider
Shame The School of Love in Christ
The Revelation of Joseph Jews and Christians at the End of the Age
The End of the Age Jesus Tells us How to React Near the End
Glory Of Man, Idols, Works, & God

When Bad Things Happen...
The Discipline of the Lord Repent - Do Not Make Light of
Tests, Trials, & Suffering Persevere - Do Not Shrink Back
Temptations or Attacks from Satan Resist - Do Not Fall Into

Really Meaty Stuff
The Fear of God Have We Missed the Beginning of Wisdom?
The Cares of This World Seeking First the Kingdom
Money Jesus Gives Investment Advice
Spiritual Adultery Series The Preponderant Message of Prophetic Scriptures

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