Acts 17:11 Bible Studies

Bible Study Acronyms, Abbreviations, & Definitions

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Bible Translation Legend

NIV = New International Version
NAS = New American Standard
NKJ = New King James
Phi = J.B. Phillips Translation
Wey = Weymouth Translation
Jer = Jerusalem Translation
NRS = New Revised Standard
KJV = King James Version
NEB = New English Bible
TEB = Today's English Bible
TCN = Twentieth Century New Testament
MOF = Moffatt Translation
GLT = Green's Literal Translation
AMP = Amplified Bible
WEB = World English Bible
Liv = Living Paraphrase
Pet = Peterson Paraphrase
DVP = Dean VanDruff Paraphrase

Commentary Legend

NIVSB = NIV Study Bible Commentary
BKC = Bible Knowledge Commentary
MHC = Matthew Henry's Commentary
TCR = Thompson Chain Reference
TSK = Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
RWP = A.T. Robertson's Word Pictures
ACC = Adam Clarke's Commentary
Wycliffe = Wycliffe Bible Commentary
Easton = Easton's Bible Dictionary
Smith = Smith's Bible Dictionary
Gill = John Gill's Expositor
Geneva = Geneva Bible Commentary and Footnotes

  • All commentary not otherwise credited is from Dean VanDruff

  • Other Format Definitions

    () comments from translation itself
    [] our comments within texts
    CAPITALS within texts used to indicate emphasis in original translation
    All italics and bolds ours

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