Acts 17:11 Bible Studies

Acts 17:11 Mission Overview


REPENTANCE - To fix our eyes on Jesus, to take in God's point of view

FELLOWSHIP - To plug into God's supply stream, His life in others

OBEDIENCE - To prepare ourselves for Messiah by the power of the Holy Spirit


SERVICE - Making the "meal" tasty by careful and loving preparation

SALT - Seasoning "meaty" subjects, creating appetite for personal study

LIGHT - Piercing, challenging, applicable, revealing


FAITH - Comes from hearing, and hearing by the Word of God

HOPE - In the promises of God, Christ "in us"

LOVE - Encouraging one another towards growth and holiness in the Lord


WISDOM - To prepare while the weather is good for the storm ahead

"MINING" - To focus in on one topic for stand-alone lessons, whenever possible

FREEDOM - To come/go, attend, agree/disagree as the Spirit leads


TRUTH - Teaching must be derived from God's Revelation

THE WORD - Will accomplish in us what the Holy Spirit desires

DISCIPLINE - To avoid diversions, stay on subject

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