Acts 17:11 Bible Studies

Extra Stuff Sections Attached to Some Studies

EXTRA STUFF sections (linked at the end of several studies) include verses and comments that were pulled out of the main study for various reasons.

Originally, these all fit on to either 4 or 6 pages. Most of the EXTRA STUFF was not used simply out of space contraint; other sections because they were diversions, and a few of the comments because they did not pass the scrutiny of reviewers or the group.

As a disclaimer, remember these were pulled out and not included in the main study.

Since the EXTRA STUFF information was already typed in, we have gone ahead and posted them for those who might be interested. They are included for further reflection and research, and do not necessarily reflect our opinions.

As well, we intend to post answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in these sections in the future.

These sections are THREADED. To go to the next in sequence click on bold link below.

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