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  • Intro Lark: Modern Pop-Christianity Mistaken Memory Verses
  • "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves?"
  • "I Know the Plans I have for You..."
  • "A Bruised Reed... A Smoldering Wick..."
  • Agape: "God's Love" or Sophistry?
  • Is God's Love "Unconditional?"
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    Concise Dictionary of Christian Terminology
    Is Jesus Really God, and Why Does This Matter?
    Why Are We Here? An Admonition to Find Specific Grace
    Reactions to The Holy Spirit
    What Must I Do To Be Saved?
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    The Trouble with X Sermon by C.S. Lewis
    Christ The Tiger On Religious Contrivance
    The Phillips Translation An Introduction to Our Favorite NT

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  • On Receiving Admonition
  • The Terror of the Lord
  • Faith, Trust, and Commitment: True vs. False?
  • The Great Disparity: Theory to Practice
  • The Cross is a Radical Thing
  • In Praise of Disbelief
  • Understanding Those Dry Spells
  • Advent Hope
  • The Hammer, the File, and the Furnace

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