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An appeal written by Dave Walt to a Russian friend.

I hope that the Bible I gave you will be very interesting and good for you to learn important truths that will give you great hope and joy in your life. I would like to know your opinion about the first three chapters of the Gospel of John and especially chapter three. If you can read the book even ten minutes a day you will over several weeks learn many great truths that will encourage you and be a great help to your life. The little yellow book explains more about what John chapter three says. Please take a few minutes to read it.

It is very exciting to learn how to know the living God and that you and I can have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ you can come to know God's great love for you. I know that God loves you very much and wants you to know Him. I know that you have been told many bad things about God. The world hates God and tells lies about God and tells lies about who God is. You need to confront and throw away those distorted misconceptions and lies about who God is. Do not reject a counterfeit of God and loose interest in God, when you have never seen the wonderful beauty of who God really is. All you need to do is to let God speak for Himself in His Bible. You need to think about what God says, to weigh the evidence about who Jesus Christ is and what He did, and to ask God to help you to understand about what is right, good, and true. It is very important for your life. In fact, to know this and accept it personally is the most important thing in life. God wants to save you from your sins, to forgive you so you will not have to be punished for your sins, to help you, to guide you, to supply your needs, and to protect you with His truth.

As I told you I really was not interested in God until I was at university, because I did not want to follow man-made religion. I also just wanted to control my own life. However, I learned that God became a human being in Jesus Christ to show us who God is and to live a perfect life in order that now we can come to follow Him and know Him.

Every person, including you and I, thinks and does things that are wrong. These sins, such as not loving others as we should, such as wanting to control our own life, such as wanting to get revenge on those who have hurt us, such as USING other people to get what we want, such as selfishness or greed, or ignoring God, all cause you to be separated from God and His great love for you. Because God is absolutely righteous, holy, pure, and just. He will one day have to judge and severely punish our sin. Every person who does not follow Jesus Christ and accept His payment for their sin will have to pay the penalty and suffer the terrible punishment for their own sins. This punishment lasts forever. God has warned everyone not to follow their own thoughts and not to go their own way. Following one's own thoughts and desires, striving to control one's own life, and following one's own way, lead a person only to Hell. Individual opinion has no power to keep one out of Hell nor does it have the authority that gives one the right to enter heaven. Pride in self-opinion blinds one to truth and its spiritual reality. It is very dangerous.

God has warned everyone that sin will be punished forever in a place called Hell, where Satan and his demons will also be. Think of experiencing your worst fears and the most terrible tormenting emotional, physical, and spiritual pain you can imagine. Think of the worst horrors of human history such as the unspeakable demonic brutality and dehumanization of the Nazi concentration camps, the violating pain and humiliation of gang rape, the black unmerciful terrors of sadistic torture chambers in dark evil filled dungeons, about living forever in an inescapable nightmare full of attacks of fear and hate, etc.. HELL WILL EVEN BE WORSE THAN THIS. Your greatest longings and desires will never ever be realized. If a person rejects Jesus love and forgiveness, a person must go to Hell forever. Once a person dies, there is no second chance. No one is ever able to get out of Hell. In Hell there is no hope, absolutely NO HOPE, only total anguish and terrible despair. Hell is a place of total DARKNESS. Hell is a place of total, oppressive, LONELINESS where you will have no friends or people to talk to. You will never again be able to love or be loved. You will be forever ALONE IN EXCRUCIATING PAIN. Hell is a LAKE OF FIRE, a place of TOTAL DESPAIR, an experience of continual weeping and anguish. Hell is a place of total failure, of forever lost wonderful glorious opportunities, of maddening regret, where no goodness, mercy, kindness, beauty, or anything else of God and His good gifts you now enjoy exists. Please think about it. Satan does not want you to think about it. Satan does not want you to be uncomfortable about your real moral guilt. Satan wants to distract you, to keep you occupied with illusions , to get you to follow lies, and to delay you from making positive decisions about what is really important for you today and for your future. Satan is the destroyer, the enemy of your soul.

Because of His great love, God has made it possible in Jesus Christ so that no human being has to go to Hell to suffer the punishment, which is the natural consequence of sin. God loves YOU. Jesus Christ did for you what you can not do for yourself. You can not be perfect or deliver yourself from your own sin. You can not work your way out of your sin or earn righteousness in the sight of God. Being merely religious will not help. Being religious in no way is able to pay for sin or earn forgiveness. But Jesus did pay for your sin with His suffering and death. Jesus wants to clothe you with His righteousness and give you new life. Both of these qualities are absolutely necessary to enter heaven to be with God and experience His perfect personal and moral beauty. To go to heaven one must be perfect. It is not that one's good deeds must outweigh one's bad deeds. That is a deceptive lie of Satan.

There are also misconceptions about heaven, such as it might be boring. In fact it will be so good it is not possible for us to presently get a full idea of what it will be like. It will be a place of perfect love, of abundance, of the flowering of goodness, and of only doing what is right. It will be the most beautiful, interesting, fun, exciting, joyful experience imaginable. In fact, more than we can imagine now. There will be no pain, death, dishonesty, hate, sickness, handicap, or defect. It will be an unending experience of glorious fulfillment beyond all of your greatest and wildest dreams of what is most desirable. It will be the greatest, most wonderful, thrilling, adventure and life possible. It is what God designed you for and hopes that you will choose.

God offers salvation and forgiveness through Jesus Christ at no cost. It is a free gift for those who will accept it. The gift is free for you, but it cost God an unimaginable infinite painful price. It is a price that no one but God Himself is able to pay. Since God has done for you what you are not able at all to do, what possible excuse on judgment day will you be able to have for rejecting Jesus as the free gift? Face to face with the all-knowing, infinite, all-powerful, sovereign, eternal, awesome God, there is no acceptable excuse. To have the gift, you must decide to receive it. You must change your thinking, agree with what God says, and by faith receive Jesus Christ into your life. You must turn away from following self and sin and turn to God and follow Jesus Christ. The proof of the reality of your faith is obedience to God. God will change your heart and mind. God will give you a new nature and the power to be like He wants you to be. However, each person must decide for himself or herself to accept Jesus Christ and His forgiveness, in order for their sins to be forgiven. We must not reject, ignore, or put off until later the decision to accept Jesus Christ. His offer is that He will forgive your sin if you trust in His death on the cross to pay the punishment for you sin and if you believe that God raised him from the dead. Jesus Christ loves you so much that He suffered and took your deserved punishment upon Himself. He died for you and was raised from the dead because of His righteous power. Jesus Christ lives today and He is coming again. Jesus Christ offers you His righteousness. If you believe what Jesus said and rely ONLY on what He did for you, then you are forgiven for all your sins. You can know God personally and have peace in your heart and harmony with God.

God speaks to you through the New Testament, which is like a love letter to you from God. God tells you the truth that you must know and believe in order to be forgiven and deeply happy in life. I like to tell all my friends about Jesus and how you can know God personally and know that your sins have been forgiven. While in university, I believed in Jesus Christ and asked Him to come into my life, to forgive my sins, and to make me the kind of person He wants me to be. Jesus has helped me, guided me, changed my mind and heart, and given me great purpose in life and the wonderful meaning of what life is. We live in a very difficult, painful, fallen world. God keeps all His promises and you can trust in His Word to be totally true. I hope you will consider the truth and the evidence of who Jesus Christ is. I hope that you will decide to follow Him and to know the joy of forgiveness and peace with God. I am happy to try to answer any questions you may have. When I began reading the Bible, many things I did not understand. I asked God to give me the desire to follow the truth and to understand the truth. As I continued to read, I began to understand the important truths. The truth will set you free. I hope that every day you will spend a few minutes in the great adventure of learning to know God through Jesus Christ.

I am your friend whatever you will decide. The decision is yours to make. I hope I can help you, as other friends have helped me. I hope we can talk more about truth. Please do not feel any pressure from me. As we can clearly see from Jesus in John 3 when a religious leader came to him to find out how to get to heaven, this is not about joining a particular church or a religion. This is about knowing God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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