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"I Believed and So I Spoke!"

A Rejoinder to "Faith Teaching" Scripture Twisting.

Ps 116:10 (NKJ) "I believed, therefore I spoke..."
A slogan verse of the "faith" movement.

From this phrase we are supposed to understand that David, who had a "heart after God", vindicates the practice of "speaking into existence" our own carnal and materialistic dreams by "faith". Just like God does, you see. We "believe" we want a Rolls Royce, and so we "speak" it into existence.

From this phrase we are supposed to understand that we should not "receive" or "confess" any word of sickness, nor acknowledge any problems, sin, etc. That would not be "faith", you see. We speak a "word" of "health and wealth" from our lips instead.


How many times have you heard it?

Is self-delusion faith? Does not God want "truth in the inner parts"?

Those who retain a love of the truth are those who would bring a "negative confession". Bringing such a "bad report" means you are an UNBELIEVER--according to the phrase of this verse! So delude yourself and SPEAK!

Er, Uh, Um... Somebody forgot to check their Scriptures...

Ps 116:10 (NKJ) "I believed, therefore I spoke, 'I am greatly afflicted.'"

Amen, David. Me too. I confess it.


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