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On Seeking Deliverance

An email response in answer to FAQ about WHOM to go to and HOW to prepare, on TACTICS and what to do AFTERWARDS that people have asked us concerning the Bible Study on Demonic Pathology.

If you decide to submit yourself to the Body of Christ with a view to seek deliverance from a problem you suspect is demonic, our advice is not to make such a "big deal" over the event itself.

As you might have gleaned from the Bible Study we are not keen on the idea of dragging out the process by having would be "exorcists" talk to demons, arguing with them, seeking manifestation so as to be able to boast later and from an adulterous instinct for a "sign", etc. Demons are liars and obfuscaters by instinct. Why should we be conversing with them? They love "exorcisms" if it means they can expand their influence to spiritually compromised participants. Let us rather be quick to say "good-bye", and look to the fruit of the Sprit and being "set free inDEED"... as the only "sign" we need.

While preparation spiritually for such an event is wise, getting all worked up and worried about it is not good. For ours is the life of Christ, not a circus that needs hype. It is Jesus who is sufficient for these things, not us. We must confess to being suspicious of "experts", seminars, and the like as we have had to help some of these people afterwards.

Our suggestion would be not to "aim at the stars", but at Christ. Go to your own local church or Christian friends and seek prayer. If your church is so spiritually dead, or so riddled with sin that you do not trust it, go to another--of someone you know is growing in the Lord--and seek help.

Also to be avoided are any superstitions or props. Rather, there should be simple, humble reliance on the power of Christ to do what He (and only He) does best--to set us captives free.

After demonic influence is cut off, then afterward you must deal with the habits and thoughts that allowed such access in the first place--but now with a fair chance at success. This is hard work and ought to be regarded very seriously and severely.

I myself was delivered from a 13-year bondage to scandalous sin that crippled my spiritual life. It took this long to break through my stubborn pride and delusion that I could "deal with it" to make me desperate enough to finally ask my friends to pray for me. It took 15 minutes of Spirit infused prayer. There were no manifestations whatsoever--thanks be to God for the maturity of these brethren--as this might have been illicit fun for them but have traumatized me further. Afterwards, and flush with faith, I completely renounced and separated from all the accouterments or reminders of this sin. From then until now I have been completely delivered, and find myself walking more carefully, humbly, and thankfully before the Lord. What still galls me is that I wasted 13 years in spiritual sterility bound by this sin, with "wise" spiritual counselors telling me it could NOT be demonic since I was positionally "saved". Jesus set me "free indeed", and confounded the wisdom of the wise. Praise be to Him!

We really do think this is best done with those who know BOTH you and the Lord, as opposed to the carnal "superstar" and "seminar" mentality of pop-Christianity. Let us turn from idols to the Lord, who shows up in the humblest of His servants and tends to avoid blowhards.

You will want to avoid charismaniac flippancy on the one hand, and those in denial of the supernatural on the other. May God bless you with wisdom as you consider whom to ask. Look first to those in whom you have seen Christ already.

Personal prayer is also effective if a person is walking in the light. But more often, the way of healing is corporate through the church; specifically, confession and submission to the body of Christ. This is the way God usually works--He not only delivers us, He does it in the highest way--through obedience as a process. This can be a blessing to all involved, and provide a spiritual framework for accountability and intercession in the days of testing to come.

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