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Christians and Conspiracy Theories


Outline, Summary, and Overview

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1)   Conspiracy Theory appears to be the latest incarnation of the classic "tall tale" with a paranoid bent. By its very nature it cannot be completely disproved. But short of this, we can point out some serious problems.

2)   Should Christians be involved in the promulgation of spurious theories as likely wrong as not and with such a dismal history of accuracy and veracity?

3)   As a body of thinking conspiracy theory is inadequate as an explanation of what motivates international politics and business interests.

4)   Generally lacking access to international business and political dealings, Conspiracy buffs claim to have "secret" inside information. By doing so, they ironically become the historic "Illuminati".

5)   By focusing on crackpot ideas and utopian groups, bad ideas are given undue press and credibility by the very people who claim to be against them. It seems no one else is listening.

6)   The fundamental premise of conspiracy theory is antithetical to Biblical revelation, if we are indeed near the end of the age.

7)   In the carnal orientation of conspiracy theory, are we missing the nature of the open spiritual war being waged against us? Is there an enemy running rampant among us while we tell each other ghost stories?

8)   The negative "fruit" of conspiracy theories is that it shifts the blame from our own failures as Christians in society to our opponents, fostering a further counterproductive "bunker mentality" of acquiescence--or worse still violent backlash.

9)   Where conspiracy theory is wrong it is pure and simple slander, which is a sin. And who knows where to draw the line on slander: all of it, most of it, some of it?

10)   The tendency of really effective conspiracy theories is to increase men's IDOLATRY of supposed superhuman brainiacs who run the universe, or the flip-side of this: promoting the FEAR OF MEN in general. Both results are specifically forbidden in scripture.

11)   Some of the most hideous evil in human history has come as a result of letting slander, rumors, and lies go unchecked for too long.

12)   A survey of recent Christian rumors with no regard for their veracity underscores the damage done by conspiracy theory to our mission as stewards of the gospel of truth.

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